Kwaterski Bros. Wood Products, Inc.

Why Side With Us? 5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Your Wood Siding From Kwaterski Bros.

Are you looking to purchase high-quality wood siding? We start by purchasing our raw material directly from the finest sawmills in North America. Selected for quality of fiber, carefully dried, and then processed through some of the most technologically advanced machinery available. Guided by people who care, from the creation of new patterns to packaging for shipment to anywhere in the country. We believe you, too, will see the difference. Our wood siding is created to minimize maintenance and help retain its original look for the life of your home. Here are five reasons why you should buy from us.

1. Quality Products

We manufacture our own products at our Eagle River facility. This helps us better control each order from start to finish. When customers place an order with the sales team, that representative works directly with the production crew to ensure each detail is properly communicated to our wood artisans.

When you buy wood siding from Kwaterski Bros., you are getting more usable lumber and material. We check for any loose knots, splits and defects in our wood to ensure that our customers get the highest quality product. Our wood siding is sanded multiple times. That doesn’t happen at your typical lumberyard. Our products are sanded at the moulder and during prefinishing. Each time we apply a stain or endura oil, we sand our materials. This helps with adhesion and to ensure that the prefinish properly penetrates the wood, giving it the best look possible that will last many years, and require less maintenance over time.

2. One-On-One Customer Service

When you place an order for wood siding at Kwaterski Bros. Wood Products, you will be working with a representative of our sales team from start to finish. We take pride in listening to our customers, providing solutions, offering advice and following through until the order is completed.
Depending on the level of customization, our sales team may contact the customer several times with samples, ideas and follow-up to ensure that we get everything right, and our customers are 100 percent satisfied.

3. Customization

We have the nation’s largest selection of creative wood products. What does that mean? It means that many of our customers look to us for unique, one-of-a-kind wood products. We can create almost anything when it comes to customized wood siding.
We have seven wood siding collections to choose from: Contemporary, Headwaters, Heritage, Hewn Log, Knotty Bevel, Prairie Style or Rocky Mountain. All sidings will offer a rough, wire brushed, skip sawn or sanded smooth surface to maximize exterior finish adhesion and durability. We offer prefinishing on all of our wood siding and specialize in PPG ProLuxe™ Wood Finishes for increased performance and simplicity.
As for the types of specie options in our wood siding collections, we offer Cedar, Alaskan Pine, White Pine, Western Red Cedar, Redwood, Spruce and Ipe. Cedar will have the most variance when it comes to color.

4. Consistency

At Kwaterski Bros., our quality control procedures ensure a high-quality, consistent product because our materials are manufactured on site. Our wood siding is easier to install compared to siding bought at your average lumberyard, and takes less time, keeping labor costs to a minimum.
In addition to consistent measurements, we keep records of stain formulas used by our customers, so if they ever need a product in the future to match what they purchased from us, we will likely have the formula on file to match it.
Consistent quality also means meeting our customers’ deadlines. Whether it’s putting together a quote, coming up with a drawing, or completing the order on time, we offer consistent quality when working with our customers.

5. Good, Dedicated People

We take pride in the quality of our workers. Our employees are true industry artisans. They are highly experienced, take pride in their work and provide our customers with wood siding and products unlike any other!
If a problem should ever surface, our team of talented professionals will stand behind the product and work toward a solution to satisfy the customer. Kwaterski Bros. Wood Products is a small, family-owned business, and we treat our customers like family.
Our business model is focused on purchasing raw materials directly from sawmills, providing quality, in-house manufacturing, and offering excellent customer service. We’re honest, creative and committed to providing products our customers love.

Choosing the right vendor to purchase wood siding can be a daunting task. At Kwaterski Bros., we set ourselves apart from the competition because we offer high-quality products, one-on-one customer service, customization, consistency and good people, who will go above and beyond to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Looking to order wood siding from us? Visit our website to view each wood siding collection we offer, as well as the pros/cons for each specie option available: https://www.kwaterskibros.com/products/wood-siding/

For more information, contact our sales team at (715) 479-5559.