Interior Wood Finishes

A beautiful maple hardwood floor or a deep, rich cherry wall can only stay that way if it is protected against the effects of everyday use. Our product offering will insure that your wood planking or flooring will continue to look as good as the day it was installed. We believe in protecting your investment, and will help you select wood finishes that are right for you.

Basic Coatings Finishes

Our most popular finish selection is the Endura/Street Shoe coating in either a Satin or Matte sheen. Many have remarked that the finish on our flooring exhibits a look much like their favorite piece of fine furniture. A look with depth so pure and native, totally unlike many of today’s industrial looking aluminum oxide finishes. Once you see our Endura/Street Shoe system, we are convinced you too will see the difference.

Product Application Highlights Sheen Coverage
Surface Coat System
Street Shoe® NXT Wood Floor Topcoat Third and fourth coat Fast-curing waterbased finish, great durability, UV inhibitors, ultra smooth, 275 VOC, LEED compliant Satin or Matte 600 Sq. Ft/Gal
Emulsion Pro™ Wood Floor Sealer First and second coat Easy to apply, fast drying oil-based finish with great durability Satin 550 Sq. Ft/Gal
Lock N Seal™ Wood Floor Sealer First and second coat Easy to apply, fast drying waterbased sealer that is VOC compliant None 600 Sq. Ft/Gal

For more information about these products visit Basic Coating’s website.

Rubio Monocoat Wood Finish

For those looking for a flatter, more intimate, closer to the wood look you will find the Rubio 2C Plus Hardwax Oil an irresistible option.  Favored in Europe for over 50 years, Rubio Monocoat has been producing a protective zero VOC plant based penetrating hardwax oil finish so unique it is a wonder why it has taken so long for it to be available here in North America. The finish provides a molecularly bonded finish so close to the wood it appears to be Nature’s perfect finish.

Product Application Highlights Colors Available Sheen Coverage
Surface Coat System
Rubio® Monocoat Oil Plus 2C Wood floors & furniture One coat Transparent, fast curing, durable, water-resistant, easy to maintain oil finish that is 100% VOC-free 40 Flat 900 Sq. Ft/Gal

For more information about this product and the colors available visit Rubio Monocoat’s website.

PPG ProLuxe Interior Wood Finishes

PPG ProLuxe Interior Wood Finishes offer a crisp satin look that allows wood to look natural. We have been promoting and selling this type of wood finish for 30 years. As one of the nation’s largest stocking dealers of the PPG ProLuxe line, our customer service personnel possess unparalleled product knowledge.

Product Application Highlights Sheen Colors Available Coverage
Surface Coat System
Cetol® UV Interior Paneling, Sunrooms, Ceilings & Logs Two coat system Clear matte finish gives off a natural uncoated look, UV absorbers to minimize color change and yellowing None Clear 450 Sq. Ft/Gal
Cetol® BL Interior Clear Doors, Windows, Logs, Trim & Furniture Two coat system Fast drying, very durable to resist scratches, wear and tear, long-lasting clarity Satin Clear 500 Sq. Ft/Gal

For more information about this product and the colors available visit the PPG ProLuxe website.

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