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The desire for reduced maintenance in a wood decking have become a growing focus over the last 15 years. If you are looking for the overall best performing wood for your deck, give strong consideration to Designer Ipe decking. Ipe, a relatively new option in the decking market, has seen steady growth in popularity due to its incredible durability and beauty. Its resistance to insect infestation and decay is superior to almost every wood available. Combined with the rich olive-brown native color, it’s no wonder why the market considers it to be the favored choice. Our Designer Ipe decking takes these inherent top performing qualities of the specie and raises the bar to the next level by milling it into our micro crown radius edge pattern with a fully sanded face. To maintain your Designer Ipe decking, you have the option of not applying a stain and watch it transform into a soft silver grey color or hold the rich olive-brown color with Messmers UV-Plus for Hardwoods finish, applied by our own in-house prefinish department or by you. Call one of our friendly sales specialists today to answer any questions you may have about our ever popular Designer Ipe decking.

-Superior durability – 45 to 55 year average life expectancy

-Extremely dense – Shows less wear

-Extremely strong – Exceptionally solid, no bounce

-Very dimensionally stable – Miters stay tighter, less movement

-Deep olive-brown color – One of the most beautiful woods available

-Lowest maintenance – One of the few wood choices that do not require a finish

Pattern Name/Number Product Image Ipe Nominal Thickness Nominal Width
Click on below for product data sheet (click to enlarge) Premium Grade 2″ 4″ 6″ 8″ 10″ 12″
1×4,6,8,10 Designer Ipe DE010 X 1″ X X X X
5/4×4,6,8,12 Designer Ipe DE001 X 5/4″ X X X X
5/4×4,6 Designer Grooved Ipe DG001 X 5/4″ X
5/4×4,6 Designer Ipe T&G DT001 X 5/4″ X X
2×2,4,6,8,10,12 Designer Ipe DE007 X 2″ X X X X X X
4×4,6 Designer Ipe DE008 X 4″ X X
6×6  Designer Ipe DE009 X 6″ X


  • 90% of boards have no knots, 10% of boards can have a small knot 1/4” diameter or less for every 8’.
  • Flat grain orientation.
  • Occasional end split limited to 6” in length.
  • Wane limited to 1/8” x 15% of length on back face for 1” thickness, 1/4” x 15% of length on back face for 5/4″ & 2″ thicknesses.
  • Back face can have some skip dressing/torn grain or voids.
  • Natural wood characteristics allowed (burled grain and color variation)
  • Will contain both heart and sap colors, no blue sap stain.
  • Great choice when looking for a high quality appearance.

Finishing and Maintenance Recommendations

Product Preparation Required Recommended Finish Application Average Length of Maintenance Cycle Required Maintenance Steps
Designer Ipe None, it comes dried and sanded ready for prefinishing Messmers UV-Plus for Hardwoods Finish 1 coat on all sides and ends 1 to 3 years depending on traffic and exposure to the sun Prior to refinishing, mix cleaning solution of 2 oz. TSP, 1 quart bleach, 3 quarts of water. Using a pump garden sprayer, spray solution on a wetted deck, let sit 15 minutes, and the power wash. Allow to dry 2 days, then apply one coat Messmers UV-Plus for Hardwoods Finish
Designer Ipe None, it comes dried and sanded With Designer Ipe you have the option to not apply a finish and allow it to weather to a soft silver gray N/A Annually Mix cleaning solution of 2 oz. TSP, 1 quart bleach, 3 quarts of water. Using a pump garden sprayer, spray solution on a wetted deck, let sit 15 minutes, and then power wash.

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Completed Projects

“We have owned our Ipe deck for 10 years, and we are extremely pleased with the performance and looks. I wish our other deck would have been built with Ipe decking from Kwaterski Bros to minimize the maintenance and having the beautiful look.”

– Linda Miller

Unfinished samples available-package of 3 for $15.00.
Custom Prefinished samples available for $13.00 each

Contact 715-479-5559 or sales @kwaterskibros.com

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