Rustic Elegance Collection

Wood invokes such a sense of natural exuberance within an interior of a home and offers such a wide spectrum of color, grain patterns and subsurface textures. If you are looking for a wood to reflect a softer, more subtle look with a deep sense of noble character, we are sure you will find it within our Rustic Elegance Collection. Within this collection you’ll discover the exciting but harmonious qualities of Maple, Cherry, White and Red Oak, Walnut in patterns of standard V-Joint, Waterfall and Visionline available in smooth, Time Worn or Burnished textures. Contact one of our helpful paneling experts today to learn more about our Rustic Elegance Collection.

– Soft, more subtle grain patterns

– Less rustic natural characteristics

– Available in smooth, Time Worn or Burnished textures

Pattern Name/Number

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Species Available
Tight Knot Alder Tight Knot Aspen Tight Knot Cedar Tight Knot Cherry Tight Knot Maple Tight Knot Red Oak Tight Knot White Oak Tight Knot Lodgepole Pine Tight Knot White Pine
Deep Vee w/ or w/o Endmatch- PV019 & PV020 X X X X X X X X X
Medium Vee w/ or w/o Endmatch-PV017 & PV018 X X X X X X X X X
Standard Vee w/ or w/o Endmatch- PV013 & PV014 X X X X X X X X X
Wide Vee w/ or w/o Endmatch- PV025 & PV026 X X X X X X X X X
Square Edge w/ or w/o Endmatch- PS003 & PS004 X X X X X X X X X
Waterfall- PW003 & PW004 X X X
Visionline w/ or w/o Endmatch- PM005 & PM006 X X X X
Sodona Plank- PM011 & PM012 X X X X
Velvet Edge- PM015 & PM016 X X X X
Boreas Pass Plank- PM017 & PM018 X X X X
Nickel Gap- PM019 & PM020 X X X X
Drifted- PW005 & PW006 X X X X X


Tight Knot
  • Knots are sound and tight.
  • No size or quantity limitation on knots, can be star checked with voids up to 1/8” wide x 1/4” deep.
  • Can have black ring knot on face, but knot must be ingrown on back face.
  • Flat grain orientation.
  • Occasional end split limited to 6” in length and slight surface checking is allowed.
  • Wane limited to 1/8” x 15% of length on back face for 1” thickness, 1/4” x 15% of length on back face for 5/4” & 2” thicknesses.
  • Back face can have some skip dressing/torn grain or voids.
  • Natural wood characteristics allowed (peck, ingrown bark, birdseye, gum pocket, burled grain and color variation)
  • Will contain both heart and sap colors.
  • Pine is limited to 10% blue sap stain, no open pitch pockets, but may have up to 10% sappy grain.
  • Great choice when a knotty appearance is required.
  • Hardwoods can also be available in quartersawn – rift and/or quartered grain.

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“We are a local custom home builder and have valued our relationship with Kwaterski Bros Wood Products since 1995. We know when we send our clients to Kwaterski's, they will be taken care of. We are confident our clients will be treated with respect, their questions will be answered and they will have the opportunity to see and touch several wood species and finishes in Kwaterski's beautiful showroom.”

– Bill & Cindy Schattner from Schattner Construction Services, Inc.

Unfinished samples available-package of 3 for $15.00.
Custom Prefinished samples available for $13.00 each

Contact 715-479-5559 or sales @kwaterskibros.com

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