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Simply stated, Ipe does not fit into everyone’s budget and we are often asked what is the next best decking choice. In 2005, we began our research to provide a qualified answer to this question. Species included in the research were, Masseranduba, Tigerwood, Cumaru, Cambera, Garapa and Meranti. We looked at dimensional stability, resistance to checking, availability, esthetics and cost. After a thorough study and field testing we determined Cumaru decking to be the next best hardwood choice in outdoor decking. We did observe that over time, Cumaru will exhibit more surface checking and movement than Ipe. However, we expected there to be some slight performance disadvantages. Overall appearance is ranked as high as Ipe and in many cases, they look so similar, some people have a difficult time telling them apart. Its big advantage is cost, typically running about 25% less than Ipe. Offering a tremendous value for projects requiring a smaller budget than Ipe. Our Designer Cumaru decking is kiln dried and milled into our extremely popular micro crown radius edge design. Finally fully sanded for a look and performance no other Cumaru decking can match! For complimentary railing components, fascia or posts, we offer several options in Ipe creating a stunning match. Call one of our sales specialists today to learn more about the next best choice for hardwood outdoor decking. . .  Designer Cumaru.

– Exceptional durability – 25 to 35 year average life expectancy

– Extremely dense – Shows less wear

– Extremely strong – Exceptionally solid, no bounce

– Dimensionally stable – Shows slightly more movement and surface checking than Ipe

– Medium reddish brown color – One of the most beautiful woods available

– Low Maintenance – Requires an annual application of an oil finish

– Efficiently priced – Approximately 25% less than Ipe

Pattern Name/Number Pattern Image Cumaru
Premium Grade
Nominal Thickness Nominal Width
Click on below for product data sheet (Click to Enlarge) 2″ 4″ 6″ 8″ 10″ 12″
5/4×6 Designer Cumaru DE001 X 5/4″ X
5/4×6 Designer Grooved Cumaru DG001 X 5/4″ X
5/4×6 Designer Cumaru T&G DT001 X 5/4″ X


  • 90% of boards have no knots, 10% of boards can have a small knot 1/4” diameter or less for every 8’.
  • Flat grain orientation.
  • Occasional end split limited to 6” in length.
  • Wane limited to 1/8” x 15% of length on back face for 1” thickness, 1/4” x 15% of length on back face for 5/4″ & 2″ thicknesses.
  • Back face can have some skip dressing/torn grain or voids.
  • Natural wood characteristics allowed (burled grain and color variation)
  • Will contain both heart and sap colors, no blue sap stain.
  • Great choice when looking for a high quality appearance.

Finishing And Maintenance

Products Preparation Required Recommended Finish Application Average Length of Maintenance Cycle Required Maintenance Steps
Designer Cumaru None, it comes dried and sanded ready for prefinishing Messmers UV-Plus for Hardwoods Finish 1 coat on all sides and ends 1 to 3 years depending on traffic and exposure to the sun Prior to refinishing, mix cleaning solution of 2 oz. TSP, 1 quart bleach, 3 quarts of water.  Using a pump garden sprayer, spray solution on a wetted deck, let sit 15 minutes, and then power wash.
Allow to dry 2 days, then apply one coat Messmers UV-Plus for Hardwoods Finish

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Completed Projects

Unfinished samples available-package of 3 for $15.00.
Custom Prefinished samples available for $13.00 each

Contact 715-479-5559 or sales @kwaterskibros.com

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