Solid Wood Flooring Overview

Over the past 40 years, we have created some of the most exciting and best performing solid wood flooring available. We start by resourcing the finest quality raw flooring blanks and investing in leading edge tooling and machinery. Our employees are true industry artisans. They are highly experienced, take pride in their work and provide our customers with wood flooring unlike any other! In addition to exceptionally high quality wood flooring, our vast selection is sure to satisfy that special look and feel you have been dreaming of. Take a look at our three exciting collections and contact one of our salespersons 715-479-5559 or sales@kwaterskibros.com to answer any questions you may have.

Collection Description Grade Surface Texture Edge Detail
Artisan Create your own unique wood floor with unlimited options to match your style and budget Clear, Select, Tight Knot, Tight Knot/Rustic or Rustic Smooth, Skip Sawn, Artisan Scraped, Time Worn, Burnished or Drift Sawn Micro Bevel, Square Edge or Time Worn
Great Lakes Hardwoods from around the Great Lakes provides a classic look with exquisite color and stability Select or Tight Knot Smooth Micro Bevel or Square Edge
Vintage Woods Reclaimed lumber remilled revealing its true character and soul in your home Select, Tight Knot or Rustic Original, Smooth, Skip Sawn, Artisan Scraped, Time Worn, Burnished or Drift Sawn Micro Bevel, Square Edge or Time Worn

Creative Wood Flooring Finishes

The ultimate wood flooring finish will both respect and bring the full character of the wood, while providing an extremely abrasion resistant surface to provide a wood flooring of unmatched beauty and performance. Years of research and experience have resulted in offering two of the most incredible flooring finish systems options available.

Options available:

Endura/Street Shoe System

Our most popular finish selection is the Endura/Street Shoe coating in either a Satin or Matte sheen. Many have remarked that the finish on our flooring exhibits a look much like their favorite piece of fine furniture. We start by using a high tech 5 step sanding process leaving a velvet smooth surface. We then soft spray layers of the finest two component Italian polyurethane sealer that brings out the full color and character of the wood. A look with depth so pure and native, totally unlike many of today’s industrial looking aluminum oxide finishes. To provide top rated abrasion resistance, we final coat with one of the most respected professional floor finishes; Basic Coatings Street Shoe Top Coat. Once you see our Endura/Street Shoe system, we are convinced you too will see the difference.

Rubio 2C Plus Hardwax Oil System

For those looking for a flatter, more intimate, closer to the wood look will find the Rubio 2C Plus Hardwax Oil an irresistible option. Favored in Europe for over 50 years, Rubio Monocoat has been producing a protective zero VOC plant based penetrating hardwax oil finish so unique it is a wonder why it has taken so long for it to be available here in North America. Applied and hand rubbed with the color impregnated into the finish provides a molecularly bonded finish so close to the wood it appears to be Natures perfect finish. A simple rebuff with Rubio Maintenance Oil when floor traffic has dulled, scratched or water spotted the surface is an easier fix than repairing traditional coating systems used on wood flooring.

“Very satisfied with the quality of wood flooring. Fit and finish is near perfection!”

– Alan Josephson

“I purchased the maple flooring from you last year, and Micky Whalen installed it in the spring. Everyone loves the floor especially me. I heard you on WJJQ with Jeff in the Morning during January and thought I should let you know how I love this floor. This has made my home truly a most pleasant place to be.”

– Mary

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