Wood Mantels

The crackling sound and warmth of a fireplace can diminish all cares and radiate a romancing spirit to the soul. Fireplaces are becoming more popular than ever and provide a central focus within the home. The final detail to complete the fireplace often centers on the choice for the “perfect” mantel. Wood mantels have proven to be one of the most emotional and studied decisions when building a home. We offer an incredible array of creative choices, and our artisans are ready to customize your wood mantel to create its own individuality and character. With over 150 mantel blanks on hand, we can help you select the “perfect” mantel to complete the fireplace you’ve dreamed of.

Installed Wood Mantels

Mantel Texture Options

Specie Pattern Name Nominal Dimensions (actual size)
S4S Hewn Face Time Worn Face Live Face Adze Face Half
Time Worn Edge 6” X 12”
(5-1/2” X 11-1/2”)
8” X 12”
(7-1/2” X 11-1/2”)
Ash X X X X X X X
Alder X X X X X X
Aromatic Cedar X X X X X X X
White Pine X X X X X X X X X
Western Red Cedar X X X X X X X
Walnut X X X X X X X
Pecan X X X X X X X
Cherry X X X X X X X
Butternut X X X X X X X
Naily Heart Pine X X X X X X X
Wormy Chestnut X X X X X X
White Cedar X X X X X X X X
Douglas Fir X X X X X X X


“I had the best experience in having your company make a mantle for my home remodeling project. With only a picture of what was there and no idea of what I wanted, your design team sprang into action to help me. Working with Rick was amazing as he took the time to draw out the look I was after and explain what I needed to assure it would fit, that it had the correct height with my weird ceiling angle, and all the options on the species, surfacing, and finishes. After it was designed I was waiting for the sticker shock of cost, and again, I was surprised. I expected to pay a whole lot more for the time and talent that went into a custom mantle. It was better than what I pictured in my mind; my wife and I could not be more satisfied with the final look. Thank you Kwaterski Bros. for your outstanding service and customer satisfaction!”

– Larry Hetzel

“Thank you for your help in regard in choosing a mantle. Your assistance in the store, on the phone, and the e-mailed photos have all been quite helpful in our quest for the "perfect" piece. Tell Dean and any others involved with preparing OUR mantle "THANKS" from us. We LOVE the aromatic cedar piece: the knots, the grain, and the color, it IS beautiful!”

– Linda and John Peterson

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