Flooring Edge Profiles – Square Edge vs Micro Bevel Edge

If price is the main factor in edge choice, the micro bevel edge is our best price point, as it is a more common option verse square edge.  When comparing to the two edge profiles, there are several factors to consider from appearance to maintenance.

The most noticeable difference is the actual appearance of the flooring once installed. Square edge flooring creates a more seamless blend of the individual pieces, accentuating the overall look of the floor. In comparison, the micro bevel frames each piece of flooring while drawing attention to the surface texture of the floor. Additionally, square edge flooring is considered to be more historically authentic and is uncommon in today’s market. Micro bevel is often associated with a more modern or casual look and is a great option for versatility across different designs.

When it comes to the install of hardwood flooring, micro bevel edge is generally viewed as more forgiving than a square edge floor. In a square edge install, the subfloor has to be perfectly level and extra care has to be taken when nailing the floor during install. Furthermore, minor manufacturing imperfections are also more noticeable in a square edge floor. In a micro bevel edge, the v groove profile hides any slight manufacturing defects and deficiencies in the subfloor install.

When it comes to the maintenance of the floor, there is a general perception that square edge is easier to clean and prevents dirt build up in the grooves. However, with regular vacuuming and cleaning, it is normally not an issue. Plus, the grooves allow dirt and grit to gather away from the surface, protecting the finish longer.

If you are considering a textured floor, a square edge floor usually requires a more aggressive field sand than would be suggested on a textured floor. Utilizing flap sanding will open the wood pores to finish but will not remove height variations or edge raise between pieces.

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